TrekkingThe cultores of trekking, rock climbing, diving, canoeing, kayak, off road, mountain bicycle, cavalcade, fishing, surfing, paragliding, hang-gliding, mountaineering and other adventure sports, would be able to breathe the winds of adrenaline in Peru, the mythical earth of the children of the Sun. Be it on the coasts of the Pacific, in the mountain rumpled like paper about to be thrown in the trash or in the green labyrinth of the forest, there will always be an opportunity to practice a sport activity that will take one to the limit of emotion and frontier of risk. Prepare yourself to be part of this fantastic adventure and check the challenges, that are also part of the attractiveness of the Andean region.


High Trek

Most of the popular treks begin near La Paz, traverse the Cordillera Real on ancient Inca routes, and end in the Yungas. The three-day La Cumbre to Coroico Trek, northeast of La Paz, is the premier hike in Bolivia.

Other popular treks include the two-day Taquesi Trek, also known as the Inca Trail, which crosses a low pass in the Cordillera Real between Ventilla and Chulumani; the little-known Yunga Cruz Trek, between the village of Chuñavi and Chulumani, which passes over a shoulder of the mighty Illimani; and the six-day

El Camino de Oro, or Gold Trail, which heads from Sorata to the Río Tipuani goldfields. The less strenuous walk to the Zongo Valley Ice Caves near La Paz is a spectacular alternative for those suffering cramps or needing to adjust gently to the high altitude.

The Cordillera Real also offers great climbing opportunities, including Illimani, 6088m (19,970ft) Huayna Potosí, 5648m (18,525ft) Condoriri and the 6427m (21,080ft) Ancohuma. You can ski at the world's highest developed ski run atop a glacier on the slopes of Chacaltaya, near La Paz, or at nearby but less-developed areas on Condoriri and Mururata.


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