National Geographic has rated 1,895,750-he Madidi National Park with its 988 listed species as one of the world's most extensive biodiversity reserves. Its humid tropical climate has spawned one of Bolivia's richest woodlands.


The city of Rurrenabaque can be reached from La Paz by air (Amazonas or Transportes Aéreos Militares) and expressway. It is necessary to spend the night there and then continue on to Madidi Park the next day.
Tours of the Park take from 3 to 4 days. The best time of the year for a visit is between May and October during the dry season.

Tourist attractions

The city offers a wide array of tourist services, such as travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, discotheques, karaokes, immigration offices, an airport and ground transportation fleets, among other things.
San Buenaventura
This town lies on the bank of the Beni River facing Rurrenabaque. Some 20 km from San Buenaventura, the Beni River narrows at the Angosto del Bala to run through the mountains

Madidi National Park
Straddling the Provinces of Franz Tamayo and Iturralde, north of the Department of La Paz, the area was established by the government as a National Park through Supreme Decree 24123 of September 21, 1995. The Park is bounded by other National Parks, such as the Manuripi Heat, the Apolobamba Comprehensive Management Natural Area and the Pilón Lajas Biosphere Preserve. It is inhabited by nearly 1,700 members of different communities and its immense wealth of plant and animal species has not yet been fully catalogued.


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