Seven Days (7).

Apolobamba TrekFor strong trekkers who like to participate in long expeditions. The trek runs through the Muñecas and Apolobamba ranges located on the northwest side of the Royal Andes range. The beauty of these hidden lands is unforgettable.

The Apolobamba region is the land of the Kallawaya, an ethnic group that became highly acclaimed because of its many itinerant medical doctors, who were famous in the Kollasuyu region since before the spanish conquest.

In the andean region, both magic and natural medicine are considered to be necessary in order to cure psychological and physical illnesses. For the people of this region, illnesses are always psychosomatic. Therefore, large communities such as Curva (the starting point for our trek) remain regions which specialize in Andean traditional medicine, which uses many different natural substances, including not only plants, water, and minerals, but the sun and spirits as well. While crossing this magical land, we arrive at Pelechuco, an old colonial village.

1. day. CURVA.- Departure by car (280 kms). We follow the western coast of lake Titikaka. After leaving the village of Achacachi we advance deep into the valley of Curva. 3.700 m. Camp.
2. day. TREK.- In the morning we visit the surroundings - a group of small houses perched above steep cliffs which fall away to a forest of dense inaccessible vegetation. Meanwhile, snow covered mount Akamani rises above and behind the valley. 3 hour trek to reach our camp. 4.300 m.
3. day. INKA KANCHA.- Today, we visit the ancient Inca ruins. Inca Kancha is at 4.200 m. Camp near a waterfall where you can take a cold shower. 5h. trek.

4. day. SUNCHULI.- A winding trail leads us to a pass, which we descend to reach Sunchulli valley, where the Incas allegedly ran a gold mine. Camp near the mines. 6h. trek.
5. day. ILLO ILLO.- We climb to Sunchulli pass (5.100 m.) from which we can see a panorama of the whole Andean range. Descent to Illo Illo river (3.800 m.). Camp near the banks. 6h. trek.
6. day. PELECHUCO.- An ancient Inca trail which rises to the last pass on the trek. Two hours later, we arrive at Pelechuco (3.540 m.). Camp. 5h. trek.
7. day. RETURN.- 9 hour drive from Pelechuco to La Paz. On the way back we visit Ulla Ulla National Park (vicuñas reservation).


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